Vision and Knowledge
This is the key
Ho 4:6 My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.
I see all around the world. This needs to change....
Disaster and Mission Team. Forward Command.
Rescue Responce and Debriefing Team.
Planning Specilest
Shelter Management                                                                                                                                See More Here
A New Teaching method for Stress related Issues
Our World Response Team
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Gensan Lamp
ICS programs saves lives. We work to open your thinking to see into the future to prevent  the loss of life. We look at the past, present and the future as a possibility of what can be. The Incident Command System
 is different from other disaster training. We promote awareness and vision.
Time Stress can in part, be defined as time rushing in on us at a pace that is too fast to handle. There are three dimensions of time in most cultures, the past, the present and the future. Stress is suffered in the present and concerns the future. Our program is design to travel to the past to change the future. We show the truth as it was designed. We let the truth set into motion the ability to free us from our weakness. We point the way to a new vision and a new hope.
   Time Stress is about the past and the present.   It provides a new path to the future by  redirecting current time into awareness...